Holistic Hollywood Massage locationFor over 28 years, Holistic Massage and Wellness Clinics has provided massage in a caring and professional manner for people throughout Broward County (we offer our services at Plantation & Hollywood massage locations). Far from a corporate chain,  we are a locally owned and managed business. With no pitch for year-long memberships that have customers trapped in contracts that they do not want to keep but can’t get out of. Each member of our staff is there for your experience to be pleasant and enjoyable. Each licensed massage therapist has been selected by the owner himself for their quality massage therapy. With that, it ensures you will always receive the best.

Whether you’re new or a loyal customer, our goal is to promote wellness through therapeutic massage. People of all ages, lifestyles, professions come to Holistic Massage and Wellness Clinics seeking relaxation, stress reduction, or injury relief.